Consuming Raw Egg Yolk


If you are not used to eating fresh raw egg yolks or fresh raw fish, you should start eating just a tiny bit of it on a daily basis, and then gradually increase the portions.

For example: you can start with consuming only a few drops of raw egg yolk daily, during the first 3 days. Then consume half a teaspoon raw egg yolk daily during the next 3 days. The next 3 days one teaspoon raw egg yolk daily. Then 2 teaspoons daily. Then 1 whole raw egg yolk daily and subsequently 2 raw egg yolks daily. Eventually, you can easily eat 5 raw egg yolks daily, which is absolutely perfect to enhance your mood, sleep and menstrual cycle.


Fresh raw egg yolk tastes like vanilla, and combines very nicely with avocado.

You can also blend different fruits (e.g. banana, orange juice, apple), or tomatoes or orange juice only, and add the egg yolk. Only stir with a fork gently, because egg protein easily gets damaged on molecular level (see site23), even by mixing / blending.

You can also add raw egg yolks to cooked potatoes or –rice.


Processing fresh raw egg yolk mixed with avocado, potato or rice requires lots of oxygen and strict physical inactivity.

If you are a smoker, you might sense a lack of oxygen after having consumed raw egg yolk.

Check Freshness

Of course you should only consume egg yolk that is really fresh.


#1 ALWAYS check the freshness of the egg right before you want to consume the yolk. 

#2 If you are uncertain about the freshness of an egg, don't eat it.

#3 If it smells 'weird', don't eat it.

#4 If there is a crack in the shell, don't eat it.
#5 Don't wash the eggs before storing them

#6 To be able to properly judge the freshness of an egg, it's contents need to be at room temperature; eggs that are stored in the fridge and are opened right away seem fresher than they are. The eggs that you want to check freshness of, should be kept outside the fridge for at least an hour prior to opening them.

#7 First check all the eggs by rolling them across a flat surface. If they don't roll wobbly, don't consume them.

#8 Secondly: shake the eggs; when they dash, don't consume them.

#9 Thirdly: Immerse the eggs in a pan of cool, salted water. If it rises to the surface somewhat, don't consume it. If the egg emits a tiny stream of bubbles, don't consume it. (then the shell is porous/contains a hole)

#10 and last: Open the egg; 

If the egg white is watery instead of gel-like, don't consume the egg. 

If the egg yolk is not convex and firm, don't consume the egg. 

If the egg yolk easily bursts, don't consume the egg.

#11 The first 3 days that you consume fresh raw egg yolk, take only one teaspoon of it, so that your defense system has the time to adapt to the small amount of bacteria in the egg. The next 3 days you can take one whole egg yolk. And the next 3 days after that you can take one yolk more, and so on. That way your defenses system will be properly trained to fight bacteria, so that even if you eat something really bad in the wrong restaurant with your friends, your bowels will maximally move too much while your friends may be seriously ill.



Egg yolks that are not that fresh, can also make your bowels move too much.
You can add fresh raw egg yolks to fruit shakes, but only add them AFTER you have mixed the fruits in a blender. After adding the yolks, only stir with a fork. (blended yolks can cause acne too, and if you are very susceptible to acne, even blended banana can cause acne)
You can also just add the fresh raw yolks to fresh orange juice, and stir with a fork.
You don't really taste the egg yolks, except that they make the shake taste creamy and a bit vanilla-like. Bon appetite!

For why consuming fresh raw animal food in general is not dangerous, see Raw = not dangerous

Vitamins and Minerals

Humans are not supposed to eat plants, but their fruits. Egg yolk is 'the fruit of the egg', containing all the vitamin A, -D, -K and -E and cholesterol, and most iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iodide.

For exact nutrient-contents of 50 g egg yolk, click here 

Of all proteinous foods, egg yolk contains most vitamins and minerals;

Vitamin- and mineral contents of different proteinous foods are compared below. Contents have been indexed to the highest level ( = 100 ). Original contents have been taken from : Souci, S.W. et al, Food Composition and Nutrition Tabels ,Medpharm Scientific Publishers Stuttgart 1994.

Cheese calcium contents have been disregarded for being far too high. (see site4)



                                     vit.B2    vit.B5    vit.B8   vit.B9     iron      calcium    

                                            100       100       100      100       100       100                egg yolk

                                            9           6                       24         47         94                  Brazil nut

                                            43         27         14        2           14         9                    salmon

                                            40         18                     9           14         29                  tuna

                                            90         12         8          1           14         9                    mackerel

                                            65         16         6          2           30         4                    beef, muscles

                                            58         19         9          2           15         2                    pork, muscles

                                            38         17         7          16         28         45                  wheat whole meal bread

                                            88                                               8           571                Edam cheese, 30%



                                           vit.E      vit.B1    selen.   magnesium

                                             75         29         18        10                                           egg yolk

                                             100       100       100      100                                         Brazil nut

                                             29         17         25        18                                           salmon

                                                         16         80                                                        tuna

                                             16         13         38        19                                           mackerel

                                                          6           23        5                                             beef, muscles

                                             5           90         8          17                                           pork, muscles

                                             11         86         8          58                                           wheat whole meal bread

                                             5           21                     37                                           Edam cheese, 30%



                                           Zinc      vit.B3    vit.B6   vit.B12

                                             89         1           31        22                                           egg yolk

                                             93         2           11        0                                             Brazil nut

                                             19         89         100      32                                           salmon

                                                          100       47        47                                           tuna

                                                          89         64        100                                         mackerel

                                             100       89         19        56                                           beef, muscles

                                             47         59         58        23                                           pork, muscles

                                             49         41         8          0                                             wheat whole meal bread

                                             0           1                       0                                             Edam cheese, 30%

Not the Egg-white and Not the ‘Bag’

Don't consume raw egg white. Egg white is comparable to the womb, ovaries and oviduct, containing the same substances as are produced in the human oviduct (which is enhanced by progesterone (avidine), respectively estrogen (ovomucoid));

-         Avidine in raw egg-white de-activates vitamin B8 (biotine).

-         Ovomucoid in raw egg-white inhibits trypsin, an enzyme that decomposes absorbed nutrients.


Also do not consume the 'bag' containing the yolk and the string attached to it; hold the whole yolk in your fingers, make a small cut, and drain the yolk.

Chlesterol & Trans-fatty Acids

Don't eggs contain too much cholesterol ?


Absolutely not, if consumed raw. (and biologically bred)

Because natural raw eggs contain so much clean cholesterol, eggs are excellent brainfood. Only damaged cholesterol (due to heat) is bad, and causes vascular diseases. 


Unfortunately, egg yolk from chickens fed prepared / recycled grains, or other (even animal-) -foods, contains damaged cholesterol and trans-fatty acids. You will not taste this in prepared eggs, but consuming raw egg yolk, you probably will, and this probably will cause nausea. Be sure to buy eggs from farmers feeding their hens natural raw grains.

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